What to Expect with your Home Project

When your home is comfortable amazing things happen.

Walking barefoot accross the floor, a rekindled romance ...with your furnace, showers that don't leave you cold. Complete comfort, efficiency and safety problems solved daily. Our goal is to provide you with a clear pathway to maximize the greatest return on your biggest asset, your home. With Abacus it is easy. As a Trade Ally of Energy Trust of Oregon and a participating contractor of Enhabit, Abacus Energy Solutions can help homeowners receive cash incentives, up to $2000 in instant cash rebates toward improving your home's energy efficiency.

A Dedicated Crew

From the sales staff, to the management staff, to the crew, you can expect your project to run smoothly. At Abacus we believe in providing our staff with full benefits and a family wage because we know happy employees are quality employees.

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We Roll on Time

The crew at Abacus Energy Solutions, LLC understands that we are working in your home and we respect your needs. We can prive you with a key lock box. We pride ourselves on being punctual and we will finish each day on time, leaving you with a clean home.

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Experts in the Field

We are Home Performance with Energy Star contractors with a clear understanding of thermal dynamics and how your home operates as a system. We are never going to suggest a measure that could have an adverse effect on the home. Our focus is your comfort and safety.

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Who are Abacus Energy Solutions customers?

Concerned Home Owners

Anyone concerned with high energy bills. Homeowners who are remodeling, window/door replacement, new roofing or siding, insulation, air conditioning service, modification, and/or replacement or other property changes that might effect energy consumption are all potential Abacus Energy Solutions customers.

Health, Safety and Comfort Reasons

Homeowners faced with comfort and/or indoor air quality (I.A.Q.) issues such as mold, mildew, pests, humidity, heavy particulates, volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.’s) and carbon monoxide; or, customers concerns with the safety of the home itself during an earthquake.

Home owners looking to buy or sell their existing home

It is not uncommon these days for potential buyers to want to know the energy efficiency of a home before they buy. Abacus Energy Solutions goes beyond the standard home inspection to provide the buyer with possible home comfort concerns such as drafts, stuffiness and temperature variants before they commit to purchasing a home. In addition we will provide the home owner with the home's energy efficiency and utility bill estimates.


Realtors needing to provide information and assurance about the energy performance of a home to buyers and sellers.

Work Team

Peter Tofalvi

Owner, CEO

The Crew

Some of our current and previous employees

Giving Back to the Community

As a company Abacus is also giving back to our community. Abacus Energy Solutions, LLC is also a founding contractor of Weatherize for Good. Since inception, Weatherize for Good and Abacus Energy Solutions, LLC have given nearly $15,000 back to community organizations like the Sierra Club of Oregon.

How to Hire a Professional Remodeler

Step 1

Think Like a Local.

When it comes to home or auto repair the best work is still done by experts within the community. When searching for a contractor, try looking up someone local in Google and reading reviews from that contractor. If they are local, they are going to be easier to work with and stick around longer if there is extra work needed to be done. Chances are they are also going to hire local workers as well, which will benefit the community.

Step 2

Check all licenses before beginning work

This step is so important and easily overlooked. Many people get ripped off and end up with devastating losses to their property because they did not thoroughly check out the contractor they were hiring. Contractors should be licensed. State of Oregon makes this search easy. Just click here.

Step 3

Understand Your Project Needs Before Hiring.

Make sure you know exactly what kind of work you need to be done before looking for your contractor. We hear so many stories about people hiring a contractor that just was not skilled in the job he/she took on and it can quickly become a nightmare.