Ductless Heat Pumps and Mini Duct Systems

Zonal space heating and cooling

Ductless heat pumps - also called “mini split air conditioners” - are a great way to eliminate an overly cold or hot area in the house. They provide efficient heating in the winter, and affordable air cooling in the summer. They bring comfort to your home, providing your family with the most advanced zonal comfort solutions without compromising on energy efficiency.

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The schematic above shows a typical, simple single zone solution with the most commonly used indoor heat exchanger type that sits high on the wall and circulates air in the room as it conditions it. More complex systems are also available to handle multiple zones or rooms. Another type of indoor heat exchanger is positioned on the floor or low on the wall.

Ceiling cassettes represent another type of indoor unit that is recessed into the ceiling. It is a great solution where wall space is lacking. They direct air towards the four walls.

And finally, some heat exchangers are completely hidden in the attic. They can bring conditioned air to multiple rooms or zones via mini-ducts that terminate in the ceiling or in the floor of the story above, as the following image shows. All these different indoor units can be combined within one whole-house system.

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