Home Energy Scoring

City of Portland is now requiring all homes sold in the area to have a HOME ENERGY SCORE attached to the listing.

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Earthquake Bolting

Most houses built before 1980 are not attached to their foundations earthquake bolting may be all you need to keep your house from sliding off its foundation in a quake.

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Solar Power

Become more energy independent.  Sun power is as clean, natural and environmentally friendly as it gets. Make a statement against burning fossil fuels.

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Our projects

Solving Comfort Issues in PDX

Using the latest technologies to solve what is bothering you in your home.

Wilsonville Solar Installation

Cash and tax incentives for solar installation will never be higher than right now

SE Portland Seismic Bolting

Cascadia subduction zone will cause a massive earthquake in Oregon. The only question is, "When?"

Beaverton Home Theater Remodel

We can remodel your space to fit your lifestyle


Review by Silas and Catherine O.

When we were looking to improve the energy efficiency of our historic home, we considered several contractors in the Portland area. We hired Peter because of his clear communication, detailed analysis of our house, and impressive knowledge. Peter helped us determine our highest priorities for our home, and then developed a plan that would accomplish our goals of improving air quality by adding a vapor barrier in our basement, reducing wasted energy use with the installation of weather stripping, duct sealing, and LED lights, and ensuring the safety of our home via seismic upgrade. Because of his integrity, attention to detail, and consistent updates about his work, we have great respect for Peter Tofalvi and Abacus Energy Solutions, and can recommend him highly!

Review by Richard, D

My wife and I both have noted how much easier it is to heat our house, and how much more comfortable it is. She also noted that the house feels more ‘solid’ after the work done by Abacus.

Solar Review by R. Rahman

Abacus worked with me from beginning to end to get my solar installation project done on time and budget. Peter has been very responsive to my query and answered any question that came up. Great job guys!

Review by Teresa H.

Peter Tofalvi and Abacus were considerate, reliable and thorough. So glad they were available to work with us and did such a great job. Easy to work with and always great to talk to and answer questions. We highly recommend Abacus for earthquake retrofitting.

A quote from our CEO:

"Politics aside, home safety and energy efficiency just makes good sense, and with new technologies, comfort and home health is achiveable no mater the budget. It is time to solve the issues in your home."